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A special hillside farmland in the heart of the Norcia valley, where passion and ingenuity are harnessed towards creating a better, more sustainable future.

Who we are

The Vallaccone Farm is the joint venture of two long-standing Italian hotelier families, one native to Norcia and the other from the Amalfi Coast; both with a strong dedication to high product quality and sustainability.

In 2018, brothers Vincenzo and Federico Bianconi, together with Carlo and Vito Cinque, co-purchased the Vallaccone estate north of Norcia, separated from the town by the National Park of the Sibillini Mountains. The Bianconi's father, Carlo, had always dreamed of returning this important piece of territory to its cultural and agricultural heritage. After years of neglect, an authentic tribute to the land’s original patrimony is being restored.


The estate

The Vallaccone Estate stretches across 136 hectares, of which 42 22 is arable land with the rest made up of centuries-old woodland that includes six truffle grounds. There are an additional 1200 square meters of buildings with a manor house, a farmhouse and a small church dating back to the 1600’s when the property belonged to the noble family of Marchesi Antici-Mattei, close relatives of the poet Giacomo Leopardi. Leopardi sometimes visited the estate, naming the beauty of the surrounding landscape "the blue mountains" because of the unique shade of color often seen during sunset. The property commands an extraordinary view of these mountains and the surrounding valley. Seen from satellite, it closely resembles the shape of a horse's head, reinforcing the character of the terrain’s strong and wild nature.



The future is a return to the past. The Vallaccone Estate project stems from the desire to recover and preserve a precious and unique environmental resource for future generations, anchored to universal values.

Our mission is a 100% natural agricultural production that fully respects the earth’s cycles; good for the environment, the consumer, and based on the essential values ​​of Umbrian tradition and passion for the high quality of authentic Italian products.


All products from the Vallaccone company are strictly organic and grown exclusively in our fields scrupulously following the cycles of the season, without use of GMOs or chemicals of any kind. The production logistics may be modern, but the care, timing and techniques are in keeping with ancient Umbrian peasant traditions. Our products have the same authentic taste and quality that have given this land a universal reputation for excellence.

  • Our sustainable production protects the environment and natural fertility of the soil using crop rotation.

  • Our company manages a self-sufficient agricultural system, drawing exclusively on local resources.

  • We seek to eliminate all forms of pollution.

  • Our goal is to produce food in the right quantity without exhausting and exploiting the soil.


Our fields produce spelt, chickpeas, lentils ( recognized with the IGP mark), roveja, Senatore Cappelli wheat and cicerchie or “grass pea”. The produce is intended for exclusive sale and is used in the kitchens of both families’ Michellin-starred restaurants. The estate adheres to the protocols of the Biological district of Norcia.

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Tenuta Vallaccone
Azienda Agricola F.lli Bianconi & Cinque srl
via Renzi 9 - 06046 Norcia (PG) - Italia
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